It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Our lottery/ fundraiser will take place on Sunday evenings 6th,13th & 20th. December, for the Christmas Season the Jackpot has been increased to £3,000.00 and there will be two lucky dip prizes, which will vary but there will be the last two Win a Home in London Draw tickets this week.
You could win not only the Jackpot but a £695,000.00 luxury apartment on London City Island
We are proud as a club to have looked after all our girls fees for the year and been able to donate to the Irish Elderly Advice Network
We could not do this without your support
you can play online anytime
Many thanks to our brilliant graphic designer Tony for the new poster and all his work for us throughout a really tough year

Lottery Results

Thanks again to everyone supporting our fundraising lottery, your support is vital and highly appreciated.

As a club we are very pleased to have looked after all our girls, with many of them being frontline workers also being able to support The Irish Elderly Advice Network with a small donation each month.We are also very pleased to support Roscommon GAA Win a home in London draw, we thank the organisers for donating tickets to our lottery and we will have over 20 tickets in the main draw on December 30th.           Tonight the computer brought up the numbers 14 2 13 4, the jackpot was not won but the two lucky dip winners of the tickets for the apartment  were Sinead McGreal and Nora Mulready, good luck to both of them.

Our girls are currently doing a virtual London to Dublin race in aid of CALM campaign against living miserably to prevent suicides in men under 45, you can see all details on our Facebook pages 

Whilst the playing season is finished we are delighted to have trained and put out teams in camogie and football, got many new girls and made many friends. Results on the playing fields we take in our stride, but looking out for and after each other is paramount

The words le Chéile -together have never been more appropriate

Le Chéile -Together we will come through this 


Thanks to everyone again for supporting our fundraiser lottery

your support is vital to our club and has enabled us to make sure all our girls , many of whom 

are nurses and other frontline workers , have had all their affiliation,registration and insurance fees covered by the club , also we have been able to donate to further the wonderful work of The Irish Elderly

advice Network, looking after the elderly and vulnerable members of our community.

Tonight the computer selected the numbers 28 12 20 13

There were no online winners but two lucky dip winners each receive £ 25.00,they were Ruairi Hatchell and Maureen Early congratulations to them both.

Next week we will have two lucky dip prizes of tickets for the Roscommon GAA Win a home in London, a chance to win a £695,00 luxury London apartment  Please spread the word to all family and friends , we really need everyone’s support 

Le Chéile-Together we will get through this.

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